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Our values

Our core values of applying best practice in all we do and constantly striving to provide the highest level of service to our clients and candidates is shared amongst all our staff.

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Our Vision

has been running on Business Plan which has definite milestones both in terms of Geographical Coverage and SAP Coverage

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Our Mission


"Remember the dream of the paperless office?"

In our modern world, technicians are required to deliver critical support of assets without interruption or delays. To achieve this, it is often necessary to take a lot of information into the field with them; work instructions, technical drawings, manuals, maps, photographs… All of which will be in paper form to be carried around often inhospitable environments.

Technicians also gather asset information, including any faults/ issues, taking notes to be later transferred into SAP when the technician returns to the office. All of which means we have a business that has lots of information, but information that will only be available to the business later, not immediately. Paper has been invaluable for thousands of years, but is as analytically useless now as it was back then!

Now imagine a world where the same technicians have all the information they require in a single device. This is where SAP Work Manager excels


about SCS success story for PAN GULF GO Live .

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SAP Globalization Services Day in Cairo - Egypt


Run Simple and digitally transform your HEALTHCARE Institution

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Meet Us At SAP Cairo Forum on MAY 11, 2016 ...

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Attend SAP Forum Riyadh and SUGMENA Conference and learn how SAP and SCS can help you use digitization to transform your business

  • Empathy at Work scs

    Have you ever played the childhood game with your sibling or friend where you mirror their words and actions, much to their annoyance? Turns out that what you were doing was nature’s way to activate your mirror neurons and build your capacity for empathy!

  • Creating Business scs

    People often think that user experience is all about creating beautiful user interfaces to make users happy. Yes, of course enhancing your users’ experience will result in greater user satisfaction but did you know that UX has a range of other benefits, including financial advantages for your business?

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100% commitment to SAP solutions, services and technologies. SAP All-in-One Solution Provider Partner Center of Expertise Certified Dedicated SAP Practices- HR, FI, CO, ERP, CRM, SRM, SCM, BI and Net Weaver/Portals Senior SAP consulting team with the expertise in both industry and SAP experience
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A Complex ERP projects like SAP require a great consideration beyond the core SAP technology Skills. A proper SAP PCoE needs to have in depth expertise in client vertical domain, industry best practices, effective change management methodologies supplementing the SAP skill set ..
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We believe that the implementation success never been fully achieved without services to extract as much value as possible from client's SAP investment and utilize it as an enabler of high performance..
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Our Clients

to contribute to local and regional development with our technology solutions, commitment and outstanding customer service.