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17 April

ABou Ghaly Motors
Since 1980 in business ,AGM always strive to provide their customers with Integrated Mobility Solutions that satisfy their changing needs while ensuring optimum quality and safety services through their reliable and trusted workforce. By doing so, they will maintain a long term relationship with their stakeholders based on integrity and respect.
To enrich the "Quality of Life" of their customers and facilitate their daily commuting behvior through employment of technology with world class skills to avail mobility solutions that fulfill their needs
The company group wanted to build strong and reliable infrastructure to achieve their goals and grow their business. They had many difficulties with their supply chain process and this had hindered opportunities for growth.

To identify where the company could improve its use of technology and how those improvements could translate into achievements and competitive edge. SCS helped the company to streamline their processes for operational improvements including better visibility on inventory and stock levels, better management of production and sales. These improvements are expected to save the company a lot of costs.

SCS implement business All in one help the Abou Ghaly motors company in integrating all their factors and simplified a very complex business processes to easy and simple blocks


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