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08 jun

Regina Company for pasta and Food industries
Challenges and Opportunities
· Enable accurate and consistent information across the organization.
 · Improve forecasting accuracy to optimize inventory.
 · Integrate isolated business operations to streamline processes through the company.
· Adapt a scalable solution that can support multiple stores.
 · Improve efficiency and data accuracy through use of technology.
 · Enable rapid store expansion from 70 to 100 branches.
 · Create a single source of HR information for employees and managers.
 · Achieved real-time data consistency and accuracy for reporting with “one view” data integration across all departments.
 · Improved customer service by using ECS-RPOS.
· Improved cash tracking, stock and replenishment planning with near real-time data updates from stores to office.
 · Standardized business processes based on industry best practices. Implementation Highlight
· Delivery of functionality on time (7 months)
 · Implement the first Arabic POS in the Middle East with full integration with SAP ERP .


Pasta Regina LLC has been established in Al Quoz Industrial Area at the beginning of 2004. Pasta Regina LLC today is the largest manufacturer of deep frozen fresh homemade pasta in Middle East, currently supplying to all the best 5 star Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines and Catering companies.
Regina is a 20 year joint stock company , Regina produces high quality pasta for different consumer segments and has managed to locally become a market leader.
In addition, Regina export its products to more than 25 countries world wide .
In 2013 Pasta Regina LLC won the DUBAI SME (small-medium-enterprise) award.
At the beginning of 2014 the new plant opens with the lines, mayonnaise, sandwich, sandwiches, production of bread, ready made meals, production of pizza in a modified atmosphere, arancini, russian salad, cole slow salad.
Regina seeking the synergies of vertical integration and it own the majority in a milling .
As the company have ambitious growth plan ,they were in a huge need for a solution that could integrate all the company’s functions together

Regina want to have ultimate controlling Environment and full awareness of their current Assets ,production cost and sales strengths across their Network ,enable its house to steer the company towards its target and respond instantly and properly to issues that may arise.

How SCS Helped?
SCS implement business All in one help Regina company in integrating all their departments and simplified a very complex business processes to easy and simple blocks .


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