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27 Feb


Challenges and Opportunities
·        High-level integration of information.
·        Difficulties in managing the flow of material inside and outside the cement plant.
·        Designing a solution that is compatible with any kind of Weight Bridge.
·        Streamline and standardize work processes.
·        Increase information transparency enterprise wide.
·        Avoid product loss through organized loading and weighing processes.
·        Acquire a real time system that integrates with cement SAP best practice in Egypt.
·        Improved operations for the main functional areas: bulked and bagged cement loading, weighing operations, and delivery            confirmation.
·        Reduction of weighing time of the truck that is achieved through improved loading and weighing operation.
·        Adoption of industry best practices has improved the company’s processes and competitive edge.
·        Seamless integration between the weighbridge and SAP.
·        Simple sales transactions method using prepaid coupons.
Implementation Highlight
·        Delivery of functionality on time (6 months)


It is an BMIC  company founded in 2007. The company provides high quality products and services using the latest technologies, aiming to reach the highest levels of service excellence and customer satisfaction. The aim of is to be the region’s most reliable cement producer, services and solutions provider in the building materials industry, through providing premium building solutions to customers. This would be achieved by implementing a state of the art solution SAP.
BMIC are working in cement manufacturing industry ,their capacity is approx..1.5 million tons/year
Their factory is located at Assuit ,BMIC total investment is approx. 2 Million EGP
They choose SAP to enhance their Information systems like sales, marketing, finance and HR .
They choose SAP because SAP helped them in taking the right decision in the right time which Enabled to save time & money

The challenges were represented in the operation of Loading and Weighing process. Many cement manufacturing plant find it difficult to have a flexible, easy and quick flow of materials and this reduces the efficiency of the whole dispatching operation.

How SCS Helped
SCS has precisely analyzed the company’s critical operation and considered its challenges.S role was to provide implementation that will put an end to those challenges. To deliver a competitive edge, we have designed Cemark to streamline the loading and weighing process. This solution has dramatically reduced the time needed to perform this process beside that the weighbridge integration has accelerated and enhanced the data capturing method. SCS never forgot the method of sales transaction with customers for that a prepaid coupon feature has been designed to streamline the transaction method. Through this feature, prepaid coupons can be issued to rapidly and easily handle customer transaction.



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