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Audit and Health Check

SAP Audit Management is part of SAP Assurance and Compliance Software 1.1 SP08. Powered by SAP HANA, this solution provides an end-to-end audit management solution. The audit department can use it to build audit plans, prepare audits, analyze relevant information, document result, form an audit opinion, communicate results, and monitor progress.


The key features of SAP Audit Management include:

  • Fully mobile enabled and easy to access on multiple devices and platforms
  • Full coverage of the audit roadmap, including planning, preparation, execution, report, and follow-up
  • Flexible Audit Universe that provides a single source for audits, and monitors audit requests globally
  • Powerful working paper management
  • Global monitoring of findings and follow-up on the progress of actions
  • Powerful search function
  • Clear and intuitive user interface design that improves user experience and boosts efficiency
  • Risk-based audit planning with risks pulled from SAP Risk Management and controls from SAP Process Control
  • Analysis of big data through integration with SAP Fraud Management

In SAP Audit Management, the auditing process is divided into five phases: planning, preparation, execution, reporting, and follow-up.


SAP Health Checkgreen tick

It’s all very well sweating your assets but make sure the assets don’t sweat so much that they have a serious health issue, keel over and cost you a lot of money. Let our SAP technical experts give your ERP a health check with recommendations on areas to improve from areas relating to technical, functional or your user experience.  You have invested a lot of money in SAP  - So ask yourself, ‘Are you getting the most from it?’   Contact us today or fill in our easy to use forms so we can find  out a bit more about you… From functional areas to end to end process, we run health checks and deliver a swift diagnosis & recovery plan. We will leave the customer with a clear view of their SAP application health status & the value of UX whilst passing on the knowledge and skill so customers can build their own capabilities in house. We can cover all or one of the following areas: 1. TECHNICAL AREAS -BASIS & ABAP Expertsgreen tick
  • Let our BASIS & Technical Consultants measure & bench mark where you are from a technical perspective and how you can improve.
  • System performance costing you money?
  • Bespoke/Customised programmes causing you issues?

2. FUNCTIONAL AREAS ACROSS CORE - Modular and process consultants (all of which are certified SAP Value Engineers)green tick

  • Let our functional consultants work with you to review configuration areas & deep dive into processes.
  • How is your Productivity from an ERP level?
  • Is your configuration correct or can it be improved?
  • Have you business agility?
  • Do you suffer from process bottlenecks? 

3. UX Design Consultants have design in mind for end user audience(mobile first mind-set)green tick

    • Are your users dissatisfied with your SAP environment?
    • Multiple clicks to destination?
    • Complicated screens and processes?



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