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Mobile Application Development with SAP & SCS

Mobile Application Development with SAP & SCS

SAP is a market leader in mobility, offering a complete portfolio of solutions and the leading mobility platform for the rapid development, deployment and management of mobile apps. In order to offer our customers a rich portfolio of highly attractive, high-quality and ready-to-implement mobile apps across all industries, SAP's strategy is to have the large majority (more than 80%) of packaged mobile apps come from our ecosystem of partners. SAP is launching the Mobile Apps Partner Program to offer our ecosystem of partners, who build packaged mobile applications (from traditional ISVs to VARs to SIs), with a comprehensive set of enablement tools, benefits and end to end support to help them quickly and efficiently develop, market and sell mobile apps that meet the needs of SAP customers. The program delivers a comprehensive set of benefits from flexible, cost effective starter packages for development licenses to hosted sandboxes and development environments, access to a rich and vibrant community of developers, SAP certification of mobile apps, as well as the ability for partners to market and sell their apps via the SAP Store. Additionally, in order to simplify and optimize the partnership experience from end to end, especially for new partners, we are launching the SAP Mobile Apps Partner Center. This is a comprehensive enablement portal designed to support partners through the lifecycle from development of packaged mobile applications to the marketing of their applications via the SAP Store. The SAP Mobile Apps Partner Program further represents SAP's commitment to mobility and to our ecosystem by making it faster and easier for our partners to build a rich and diverse set of mobile applications for customers of all sizes, across all industries.
Partner challenges 

  • Lack easy access to development tools and SAP testing environment
  • Need a clear and simple pricing and licensing structure 
  • Have vertical and/or LOB expertise, but need go-to-market support in the mobile space 
  • Need access to SAP mobile installed base to increase awareness and demand of partner mobile applications 
  • Need an understanding of where the gaps are within the SAP mobile ecosystem in order to build applications that address unmet needs and minimize redundancy 

Partner opportunity (why act now) 

  • Market readiness: 75.5% of the US workforce and 50% of Western Europe's workforce are expected to be mobile by 2013. Source: IDC.
  • Maturing mobile technologies and “the consumerization of IT” trend have created a perfect storm for and explosive growth in enterprise mobile applications 
  • The increasing popularity of BYOD has accelerated growth and further increased pervasiveness of smart phones and tablets in the enterprise 
  • Growing mobility needs of the SAP installed base of over 176K SAP customers and millions of users (not to mention our customers' customers) require an ecosystem that can serve them 

Key program features & benefits

  • Flexible developer license packages for companies of all sizes
  • End to end partnership lifecycle management through Mobile Apps Partner Center
  • Hosted sandbox and development environment 
  • Mobile app certification from SAP
  • Rich and vibrant developer community access 
  • Ability to market and sell apps via SAP Store

Key messages 

  • Take advantage of the $7.7B market opportunity and reach 176K SAP customers
  • Benefit from true end-to-end support for development of packaged mobile applications through the partnership lifecycle based Mobile Apps Partner Center portal 
  • Select from flexible startup packages for software development licenses based on your company's needs 
  • Access the expertise of your peers in our collaborative mobile developer community 
  • Showcase and market your solutions on our enterprise ready app store.



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