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SCS Support Offerings

SCS Support Offerings

A Complex ERP projects like SAP require a great consideration beyond the core SAP technology Skills. A proper SAP PCoE needs to have in depth expertise in client vertical domain, industry best practices, effective change management methodologies supplementing the SAP skill set that most organization seem to focus on. SCS will provide technical knowledge for your ERP system along with skills that will assist your company in adapting to the changing needs of management to get the most out of your investment.
SCS SAP Support Center offers three levels of support agreement, all of which offer a focused approach to solving critical and time-sensitive issues, These levels are:

Base Level Support Services
Premium Packaged Support Services
Ad hoc Support Services
The Base Level Support Services: Adhere and contain the services available in SAP standard support offerings. It delivers support services that enable continuous and effective business operations. This level of support will assist organizations in managing the operational tasks involved in using an SAP solution and to minimize the cost and risk associated with keeping their systems up and running. Some of the services that are offered in Base Level Support Agreement are:

· Monitor core business processes (process steps, interfaces and performance) to minimize potential risk factors and safeguard the customer's business.
· Consistent SAP updates (Making sure that the latest fixes and patches are up to date before issues occur).

· Performance bottlenecks detection and handling.

· Centralized monitoring, alerting and service level reporting.

The Premium Packages Support Services: Address the entire lifecycle of SAP applications, proactively assess the application landscape to improve stability and accelerate problem solving to generate real business value. Premium Packages support services contains all the services provided in Base Level Support Services plus additional services that you can package as insurance, such as disaster recovery for a catastrophic incident. Some of the services offered in the Premium Package support agreements are:
· Continuous Quality Checks.

· A Named Contact Person in SCS Support.

· Onsite consultancy at customer's Company.

· Empowering, which is made up of a portfolio of services, including assessments, training, workshops and road maps that allow customers to build effective internal support operations

Ad hoc Support Services: Typically not part of a standard support pack, but something the customer may want and is best delivered using the support team. Ex: managing the back up process. Some of the services offered by SCS with Ad hoc support service agreement:

· New Customization.
· Project management and implementation methodology.

· Guidance for upgrade projects and handling of custom code during upgrade.

· Process based end-to-end testing and central test planning, execution and monitoring






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