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Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

Enteg helps you realize a complete SAP HCM system that helps align your organization HR function with the business goals of your organization. Such a system also helps enable flexible HR processes, reduces regulatory costs and compliance efforts, and improves employee engagement and satisfaction promoting employee retention. Such a system also helps in competency building, succession planning and enhancing performance. In all, it offers a powerful business advantage to your organization.

Integrating organization management and employee administration is the core activity in any HCM implementation. Enteg helps you prepare for changes by managing complex organizational and workforce transitions. We help these changes work successfully once a business solution or transformation is in place thereby realizing the greatest long-term value from business improvement efforts.

Our HR practice offers clients a wide range of HR solutions including Recruitment, Personal Administration, Personal Development, India Payroll, Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Services (MSS). The solutions offer ESS and MSS integration with SAP Enterprise Portal. We have completed several successful HR projects for our customers in various areas of HR. Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) has benefited from a comprehensive HR implementation by Enteg covering various HR functions including Payroll, ESS, Recruitment, Travel Management, Time Management etc. Enteg has also completed a Travel Management implementation for Reliance Capital that has enabled the implementation of a transparent and uniform travel policy across the entire organization. Some of our other prominent HR customers include Apollo Health Street, Quinnox and Suzlon.

We undertake projects for customers in the following areas of HR:

Talent Management

Talent management modules in SAP involve a deep understanding of human resource processes and SAP technology.

We have assisted customers in

Consolidating all strategic employee development processes—from hire to retire including:

Recruiting (including e-recruiting)
Career management
Succession management
Enterprise learning (including SAP Learning Solution)
Performance management
Compensation management

Right recruitment is crucial for a company. Generally, companies have to manually sort through a pile of applications to find the right candidates. Enteg offers HCM solutions which enable customers to easily access new profiles as required. They can also reply to candidates’ queries and set appointments with just a few mouse clicks. As a result, they can expedite the recruitment process, enabling the HR department to devote more time to other tasks. Some of the customers who have benefited from Enteg’s expertise in this area include Apollo Health Street, Kirloskar Brothers Limited and Qunniox.

Career management

Our career management module enables employees to manage their own career paths and aspirations, either through self-service capabilities or as a result of planning with managers. Processes implemented help compare employee profiles with the requirements of specific positions to determine skill and knowledge gaps, which can then be tied directly to training plans.

Succession management

Enteg's succession management function helps in identifying and tracking high-potential employees and helps implement development plans to ensure that they are prepared to assume future leadership roles.

Enterprise Learning

Enterprise learning management enabled by SAP Learning Solution imparts knowledge to employees, partners, and customers through e-learning, classroom training, collaborative learning, and information distribution.


Employee performance management

Helps align team and individual goals with corporate goals and strategies, standardize employee reviews and appraisals and ties compensation to performance thereby supporting a performance-oriented compensation process.

Compensation management

Implements innovative reward strategies, such as performance- and competency-based pay, variable pay plans, and long-term incentives reward programs. Processes help analyze and compare compensation packages using internal and external salary data to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace.

Workforce Process Management

Streamlines and integrates all essential workforce processes such as personnel administration, payroll, time management and legal reporting. Features and functions that are implemented by Enteg include:

Employee administration
Organizational management
Benefits management
Time and attendance


Employee Self Service/Manager Self Service Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) are the primary means of interaction most employees have with their Human Resources departments. These services therefore carry great weight in the enterprise’s perceptions of HR.
ESS and MSS are powerful packages capable of reducing and simplifying data entry, honing the workforce via Talent Relationship/Performance Management, empowering employees and managers to do more for them thereby freeing up their valuable time for strategic HR efforts.

Travel management

Implementation of Enteg’s Travel Management makes the application of travel policy transparent across locations and automatically supervises compliance activities. This in turn increases employee satisfaction and productivity. Everyone is familiar with the harmonized travel process now in place and knows how to comply with it. The most tangible outcome as a result of the implementation of Travel Management will be the intuitive user interface which guides the user through the task of claiming expenses in a simple step-by-step process. Travel Management makes it possible to cut costs while increasing the productivity and satisfaction of its employees.


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