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management services


SCS recognize that once a solution has been implemented, the benefits have only been enabled, not delivered. Through our Managed Services, we retain an ongoing relationship with our customers, ensuring that we are committed to achieving the full benefits identified. This Application Management Division was

founded 7 years ago with the following 4 key objectives:

  • Risk : client risk of managing an enterprise wide, business critical system
  • Cost : Reduce the cost of ERP ownershipe
  • Quality : Deliver pro-active, controlled, best of breed support
  • Benefit : Maximize clients return on investment through continuous

SCS have fully dedicated experienced support staff that can provide to our client base on the following:

  • Coverage of all ERP modules and technical architectures
  • Support for common complimentary products
  • Average of 5 years ERP experience
  • Highly experienced with many having backgrounds in industry, accountancy, production, operations and technology
  • Significant system integration experience including ERP and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and e-Business Technologies




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